Monday, 16 June 2014

New Companion New Area

Hi Guys,

Sorry its quite a short letter this week. 

So I got transferred and my new area is Soweto the biggest township in the mission, my new companion is Elder Barendse who is from Port Elizabeth, he seems like a very cool guy, he is very excited to be on his mission which is really good, he has been out three months.
So Soweto is a really nice place its a huge area that's why we have 2 sets of elder here that how big it it. 
We have met a lot of really cool people and there is a lot of work to do here we have lots of recent converts and less actives, so a lot of work to do to bring souls back and keep souls there. 
So me and my companion have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will make the time go by so quickly. 
I'm loving my mission life is good, hopefully I will have a better email next week when I'm more used to the area. 

Take care, have a great week. 

Love you guys  Elder Turney xx 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Saying Goodbye's are always hard but new challenges ahead

Hi Guys, This week has been a really great week. 
Monday  was awesome for p day we went laser tag. It was really fun we had the whole zone there which was really good. In the evening we went to the Armstrong's.
Tuesday:  In the morning we had Sister Matapelo we spoke about eternal marriage. Then we visited with Kabelo and spoke about why he went to work instead of church, we shared about the Sabbath day. We then came back to the flat for lunch. We then went and visited with Musa a worker at abbey cross, we did BRT introduce Lesson 1. We then visited with Silvia a long time member staying at abbey cross also. We then went and visited with Siabonga a less active member. We then had our dinner and coordination with our ward mission leader.
Wednesday we went on an exchange I went to Rand burg. We saw Prince, Granny Mags, Yan and Nathan and Nancy.
Thursday, In the morning we had weekly planning which always goes on for too long but it is very useful. Our first appointment was with Elizabeth the referral from Kabelo our recent convert. We spoke about the Book of Mormon. We then visited with Eloise and went over the baptism and who she wanted to do the talks and baptize her. We then visited with Kabelo another referral from Kabelo our recent convert, we spoke about tithing, and he seems very interested. We then visited with Linda and Masana and they are making a lot of progress. We then visited with the Pearls, it was just a check up on how there missionary work is going. 
Friday, was good we had district meeting in the morning, then afterwards we went to Mexican fresh it was terrible. We then visited with Musa again but didn't get to teach much as she was very busy. We then visited with Silvia and her family. Again we didn't get to teach much. We then went and had a braai with some members, I love braai's, (south African BBQ’s)
Saturday was our last zone conference with President Omer, they go home June 30th. It’s going to be sad but apparently the new mission president is very nice. After zone conference we went and visited siliva at abbey cross again, she is very nice but we are there so long because she can’t hear very much and so when we say we need to leaver she doesn't hear us. We then cycles down passed our chapel to visit with the mazibuko's. We then got transfer news that I'm leaving North Riding, I'm very sad about it but I accepted the call to be sent where the lord needs me :) 
Sunday: today was obviously the baptism of Eloise and then the rest of the day was going and saying good bye to people. 
I love my mission it’s the best choice I could have made.
love you guys 
Elder Turney 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

10 Months down already time is flying by

Hi Guys so this week has been pretty good.

Today was pretty cool we went ice skating which was really fun, i have not been in over a year so it was fun to get back on the ice. We then has Linda and Masana that evening. we had our ward mission leader come with is to that visit.
Tuesday  was really good we had a referral from our recent convert Kabelo so we went and visited her with Kabelo. she is a very nice girl. Her name is Elizabeth and she seems really interested in the gospel. Later that day we had Eloise, who is our investigator on date for June 8th she is doing really good, she is progressing really well.
Wednesday we were on an exchange with Weltervreden I was with Elder Nherera. Firstly we had singing at abbey cross the elderly persons home. that was nice. afterwards we did the exchange. We then saw Elizabeth again, we taught the whole of the restoration. We then visited with Kabelo and he taught us all of the restoration. it was good. We then went and visited Eloise again we taught about priesthood and auxiliaries. We then exchanged back and my companion got a puncture so we had to go back to the flat cause we had no more patches.
Thursday was weekly planning so thats always fun. We then went and saw Noel our recent convert. We started teaching lesson 1. We then went and visited Silvia, and there were like 12 other kids there. We taught them how to pray. we then went and did some finding at a garage. It was quite productive. we then went and visited with the Brentot's. We spoke about faith.
Friday was district meeting. There always fun. After district meeting we went out for lunch at Romans. Afterwards we saw the lowes and spoke about prayer followed by the Maredis and we spoke about obeying and honouring the law.
Saturday was good we saw linda and masana and we set a baptismal date for June 29th for them. We also saw eloise again and spoke about service. We then saw the shoko's and we spoke about charity. We then went and saw Rob and Bev and spoke about baptism.
Sunday was good, church was good afterwards we went to a members house for there sons birthday party. afterwards we went to rob and bev's again for dinner.
This week has been good, its the last week of transfers so me or Elder Reed will be leaving here next Tuesday which is sad I have had fun serving with him. I love you guys take care. Thanks for all your support and emails
Love Elder Turney xx 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

New Look for us Missionaries

Hey guys,

The two little girls in the pictures are the ones responsible for our new look, the really enjoyd themselves.
So this week has been an ok week not much special gone on this week. 
Monday was really good we got to go, go karting which was really awesome, it was fun going fast and just letting go. In the evening both of our appointments fell through so we came back to the flat and cooked apple pie it was so delicious. 
Tuesday we met with  a new investigator and just introduced The Restoration and she seems really interested which is really awesome. We did some finding near our flat. We then meet with our Recent Convert also which was really good, he got a calling recently as the north riding male YSA rep so that should keep him busy. Then in the evening we went and visited Sister Van Vliet to follow up on the 40 day fast which our ward finished recently. It was good to be able to meet with her cause we went with our ward mission leader so we could visit single sisters. We then had dinner with our ward mission leader and his wife. 
Wednesday In the morning around 11 we had singing at Abbey Cross the elderly peoples home owned by members, that was nice as always. We then went and did some service at Irena's the lady with the baby baboon, that was fun. We then did some more visiting with members with brother rob. We visited nday who gave us 4 names which is awesome. We then visited sister viviers and introduced the 10 day plan. 
Thursday was weekly planning day so 1-2 hours talking about how we can improve the area and ward. we then went and visited Lara a girl in our ward but lives 5 minutes from another ward and being a student has been going to that one and not ours, so we are trying to help her have that desire to drive and come to her own ward, it’s tough. We then met with our recent convert Kabelo again. We then visited the Pearls and spoke about the 10 day plan with them. We then saw the Linton's and the same thing the 10 day plan. Our last appointment was with the Muvavarirwa's and it was the same thing the 10 day plan. 
Friday: I was on an exchange with one of the zone leaders. We had district meeting, followed by Chinese for lunch. We then saw noel our recent convert who has been in Cape Town for the last 2 weeks. We spoke about the law of chastity. We then went and saw sister Maredis and spoke about missionary work. We then went to the Marais and spoke about the 40 day fast and 10 day plan and we got a couple of names. We then went to Daniel McKnight's home coming, he returned from the Birmingham England mission so it was good to see him
Unfortunately I'm out of time but the rest of the week was good. Sunday was stake conference which I really enjoyed. 
Love you guys. 
Elder Turney xxxx  

Monday, 19 May 2014

Another fun Week in Africa

Hi Guys,

So this week has actually been a really good week for us. Our investigator Eloise is making great progress. She in on date for June 8th which she will make for sure. ON Wednesday we received 2 referrals from Cosmo City, we have called both of them and have return appointments. We actually met with one of them yesterday.

Their names are Mary and Wesley they are on their 2nd year of bible school, so they are very good with the bible especially Wesley. So we get in there and we start talking about the Bible and things that went on in the bible. Then we introduce the Book of Mormon. And it seems to really interest them.

Also our investigator Rob lives in the same complex as them and he gave them a triple combination which was really awesome, then they met missionaries, how much more prepared could they be.

It just builds upon my testimony of the lord is preparing people to hear the gospel. Also they can’t wait to learn more, there excited to see where this goes and so are we. It really is awesome.

Hopefully i will be here to see the progress. We also went on a couple of exchanges also which is always cool. The first was with Elder Wilkerson from Missouri which is a change from Utah :) The next was with Elder Asay from Orem Utah. Both are very cool missionaries. We also got to do some service for a lady called Tracey from South London which is really cool, she still has her accent even after being in SA for the past 10 years. She has lots of parrots, we went over there and we shared something about our church. She is a very nice lady but she is very spiritual, which is pretty cool. She then showed us all of the birds, a lot of them love to dance if you sing to them, so I will have to try and get a video of one dancing the next time we go over for you guys to see how funny it is. We then got to clean the floor of the cages which was ok.

I love doing service and here in Africa you have so many services you can do which is really awesome. This week has been really cool, I really loved it.

I really love my mission and encourage anyone thinking about going on one, don't hesitate, talk to bishop and get the ball rolling. you won’t regret it I promise.

 I love you guys, till next week. 

Elder Turney 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Excited to See the Family

Hey guys,
          A very exciting week this week as I got to Skype with the family, it was so good to see everyone even thought the signal was poor and we kept loosing it, it was still fun to hear everyone, my companion spent some time trying to say English sayings with his Australian accent it was quite funny. he also spoke some African and clicking language although the family did not have a clue what he was saying, I have not learnt very much yet but am hoping to at some point.

          So this has been a really great week. We have been meeting with a lot of great people. Wednesday was an awesome day we had the Elders from Alexandra with us because of elections they couldn't go into there area cause of rioting. so they came to our area. we had 2 of them go to the lowes to do some service for them, Elder Reed took Elder Riley and went to Irene's the lady who has the baby baboon and they did some service for her and i took Elder Delahoy and went to meet a new guy we came across outside of our complex. 

          So we get there to his complex and its a Golf Estate with a full 18 hole golf course, it has a gym, a swimming pool, everything you would ever want, his apartment it on one of the holes where you tee off. So we get into his place sit down start chatting to him. he tells us all about himself, he has been homeless, lost his mum at 12, lost a best friend, he has been through a lot, he then gets a job as a sales man and won best salesman in South Africa. he then left that company he was working for. he now owns his own business, he is supporting 4 YSA aged people at metric level and payed for there university fees, he is also supporting 4 kids in his home town in cape town to go to private schools. he is helping a lot of people, so we start teaching him we introduce ourselves and what we do as missionaries and then we talk about the restoration and introduce the book of Mormon and he says he will read and pray about it, he is a really powerful person and if we could get him baptized he could be an even more powerful member of the church. So we are seeing him this Friday which will be awesome, hopefully he will see the truth of our message.

           Also with having a car that day we could visit single sisters which was nice cause we could take a male member with us. i can really see this area is growing.

I'm loving being on  my mission, I love every moment. 

Thanks again for all your support, remember Missionaries Love real letters hint hint  :)

Love you  guys 

Elder Turney xxx 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Me and The Monkey

Hey guys,
So this week has been really good we had some cool experiences. On Tuesday we were doing some finding and came across a lady. We introduced ourselves and started to talk to her, we asked her what church she went to, said she doesn't go to church cause she does need to. She said god is all around, which is true.
We then asked if we could come and share a message with her, and she said no, we then got into a conversation and we found out she owns an animal sanctuary, so we asked if we could come and do some service for her and she said we could, so we agreed to go back the next day.
We got there and she gets us to unload a butt load of lettuce from the back of a Mitsubishi truck. So it took us like 2 hours, there was so much of it, but it was nice to help her.
After doing that she showed us all her pets she has in the house and we saw snakes, tortoise, bearded dragons, but the best part is she brought out a baby Baboon it was so cool, I saw baboons in the wild but they were big, but this one was so small. So each Wednesday we are going to go and see it and maybe when it trusts us we can hold it, that would be really awesome.
We then hope we will get the lady to trust us and we might get to teach her one way or another.
Also in a couple of week we will be going to a game reserve with a member so I will get lots of pictures with animals hopefully.
This area I'm in is really nice, I love the people here, I love my mission, I would not change it for 1 million pounds. 
I love you guys 
Elder Turney 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Coming up to Nine Months where has the time gone

Hey guys,

This week has been a tough week with not really meeting much with investigators, but more with members, but our hope is that with all this member work then we can get referrals, well that is the hope.

So  this week had been ok we have been able to do some service for the members so hopefully that will also bring referrals and help us to build the relationship with the members. funny story this week we were at a members doing some service which was cleaning her windows and she has this weird contraption and we ask her what it does, she jumps on, straps her feet in and flips all that way back round till she was hanging upside down, which was so funny to see this 70 year old lady hanging upside down, obviously me and my companion decide to jump on and have a go and it was so funny, it felt so weird at first.

It’s a lot like faith, we had to have faith in this machine that when we flipped back we would not get hurt and in the gospel we have to have faith in heavenly fathers plan for us that we can return to live with him again.

Transfers is tomorrow, but thankfully both me and my companion are staying together for another transfer, we really hope to get this area where it needs to be because at the moment it’s kind of struggling but we are trying our hardest to get it back on track.

On Friday we were able to have a nice evening and meal with Rob and Bev 2 of our investigators and also a less active member friend cause Elder Ryan is leaving, he used to teach them, so they wanted to put an evening on for him, it was nice to spend time with investigators and other missionaries. Those are the memories you make and keep on mission :)

 I'm really loving  the mission, it’s going way to quick though, I’m coming up to 9 months out now which is so crazy, it feels like I just got here yesterday, it’s scary how quick time is going. 

By the way for those of you who were wondering I did finish the burger in last weeks pictures but not in one sitting it was lunch, dinner and breakfast but it was huge and very tasty.
Love you guys

Elder Turney 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Touched By Confrence

Hey Guys,
Another great week this week. On Saturday and Sunday we were able to watch all of general conference. I really loved the talks shared. So last week I spoke about the drunken guys who met us on the street and called us saying he wanted to come to church. We met with the 2 of them and 5 other guys on Wednesday. It was really cool but quite sketchy. They all seem interested which is really cool. They really wanted to come to conference yesterday but they couldn't get transport, which was a shame. Hopefully they will be able to come next week, and hopefully all 7 of them which will be really cool. Also we met a lady at abbey cross where we go and sing each Wednesday and we have started teaching her, so hopefully that will go somewhere. 
Also on Friday we were able to go to the temple which was a very nice experience, I love going to the temple and doing the work of the lord, and getting people ever closer to eternal families, even though some may never accept it even though we do the work for them, we still have to do the work so that too can have the chance to accept this gospel, so I invite each of you, when the opportunity comes up for you to go to the temple, don't run away from it, I promise god will bless you greatly is we do the work of the lord. 
I will share a couple of thought I loved from conference. I loved the comment made about family history about how a mother was delighted to see her 17 year old son, as soon as he comes home from church, jumps on the computer to do family history. How many of us as soon as church is over go on our phones to check Facebook, well I know I did, so I too am guilty of it. It just shows how everyone of us need to improve and maybe instead of going on Facebook after church, do some family history or do something with the family to build that relationship.
Also I love the thing said by someone I can’t remember who it was that said it  " in the past we used micro film at family history centres, to now sitting on the computer in the comfort of our homes and doing the same great work". It really is amazing how much the world is changing. I invite each of you to take a look at how much we are devoted to the gospel, and if there is something that we are not doing and we are asked to do in the church then, please change and do it, god will bless you abundantly. 
I really didn't enjoy going to conference back home but on my mission I have come to love it greatly, and the great thing now is we can look at the talks on the internet, listen to them on our phones, iPod’s etc. We can listen and read talks 100x over. 
I love the gospel and I know it is true without any doubt in my heart,
I invite each of you to gain a work hard to develop a love for the gospel, ask Heavenly Father for help, he is waiting to help, he is knocking, and all we have to do is open the door. 
I love each and every one of you.

Elder Turney xxx 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Another great week and got to work with Elder Ryan

Hello Guys,
 So this week has been another great week. I’m really settling into my new area. Yesterday we were able to witness the baptism of Noel, the gentlemen who suffers from cerebral palsy. It was really great to see, next week we will have some pics of that for you. Church on Sunday was generally pretty good, we were able to teach the youth about missionary work and the importance of it.
Also a really powerful story this week.
 On Wednesday we were doing some finding along the street. we didn't have much success on the way up the road, but on the way down, coming towards us was a drunken guy holding his fists pointing them towards us. So we think here we go another drunken guy. We start talking to him, getting to know him; we give him a word of wisdom pamphlet, and tell him if he need us, to call us. The Lord works in mysterious ways, often the ones you don’t think will listen do and the ones you think will don’t. On Saturday we get a call from the guy saying I want to come to church. So we organize a lift for him, he also brings a friend too. They stayed for the whole of church and even the baptism, hardly any members stayed for the baptism so it was great that they did. Now they may have stayed just because we were there lift but that’s beside the point. They got to witness someone getting baptized. We never know how or when the spirit will touch someone. Also they said they loved church. 
On Wednesdays we get to go to abbey cross an elderly persons home owned by members of our ward. I love doing that but working in a care home for a little while, the way they take care of the people here is disgusting, it makes me sick, but it’s a nice home filled with lots of lovely old people
On Thursday we did and exchange with the zone leaders and I was able to spend the day with Elder Ryan, also from England so that was a blast, in the morning we had a Fong Kong English breakfast, we had beans, eggs, toast but it was nice. It was also a blast spending the day with him; we had to much fun :) He is a really nice guy.
One of our recent converts was praying for a long time that he could get a job and he did just recently, but it’s on a Sunday, and the sad thing is he has taken the job, it’s a real shame, but when you are doing the greatest work, the greatest opposition comes. SATAN is real guys don’t ever forget that. 
Love you guys, keep up the great work

Elder Turney 

Monday, 31 March 2014

New Companion Elder Reed

Hey guys,
            So this has been my first full week in my new area, I’m loving the new area it’s a really nice area the people are lovely. I’m getting used to living in a town.
 On Thursday we got drenched cycling back to our flat, my shoes were like swimming pools it was crazy, but it was fun it felt like I was home :)
The investigators we have here are great. We have 2 named Linda and Masana, they are a married couple, they love hearing about the gospel, and love asking questions.
We had a fun experience this week, we were in a teaching appointment with a guy named Noel, he has cerebral palsy, he lives at an old peoples home, and a member of our ward has her mother there and she was with us in the lesson. There was another elderly lady there, we opened with a prayer. We started talking about prophets and one of the ladies says out of the blue "my dad’s name is Fredrick Henry Clark" me and my companion didn't think anything of it, then we continued and she said it again and added my dad is from England, we sort of laughed, but we continued with the lesson. Then again she said " my dad’s name is Fredrick Henry Clark" me and my comp couldn't help but laugh, she was a sweet old lady and I think she was just lonely and wanted to join in but it was so random. We found it difficult to carry on with the lesson, because the more we spoke the more she said. We had to close in the end hopefully next time will be better
 It was so funny experience, ha, ha, that is just one of the great memories we will make here.
Little things like that just help you get through the week sometimes.
Getting on great with my new companion Elder Reed from Tasmania the picture above is of the two of us.
Mother’s Day this weekend but did not get to speak to mum as we have decided to do it on the American mother’s day as it splits the time up between the Christmas contact and mother’s day so I am excited for Sunday 11th May when I get to speak to the Family
I love you guys, continue to be missionaries. 
Miss you guys 
Elder Turney x 

Monday, 24 March 2014

New Area, New Companion

Hey guys,
So like I said in my last blog, I have been transferred. I am now in North Riding, it’s a really nice town. It’s right next to Fourways which is one of the richest places to live in SA.  So our Flat is really nice, I have a shower instead of a bath for the first time on my mission so it’s really nice to wake up, work out then Shower instead of having to wait for a bath to fill up.
 My new companion is Elder Reed he is from Tasmania Australia; he is a really cool guy. A lot has changed this transfer. I'm serving in my first Town which is really nice, me and my companion lift weights in the morning, so I'm getting very soar but its nice cause I'm getting bigger :)
The ward here is really nice, the members are really nice, the Tuesday I got here we had a dinner appointment with the ward mission leader, his wife fed us really nice food, and then we had a meeting after with the husband.
 Then on Wednesday a member nearly took us out to mikes kitchen, which is apparently a really expensive restaurant here, but she got ill, so she said she will do it another day when she is feeling better. We are very blessed here.
 I love this new area and companionship, the only down side is we bike 7 days a week, we don’t get a car ever, but its ok I like biking, it keeps you in shape :)
The people here are really nice; they take care of the missionaries really well. Today after shopping we are going to a member house and I am cooking for them, for a change.
 They have a really nice house, compared to some I Have seen in my other areas, there really is a big difference between the rich and poor, the family have lots of reptiles, they have a pool, a trampoline and lots of other cool stuff so that should be a fun p day today.
 Also in this area we have a go karting place so really looking forward to it, also an ice rink so looking forward to doing them on other p days :)
The pictures above are family's from my last area, hopefully will have some new ones for next week
 I love you guys, keep up the great work, keep looking and praying for those missionary experiences

Love you all 

Monday, 17 March 2014

No Surgery but more Pictures

Hello guys

Not got a lot of time today I will find out tomorrow where I am moving to, it’s always mixed feeling when your leaving one area and moving to a new, sad to leave because you have met and worked with some wonderful people and also built up some great friendships, I have watched peoples testimony’s grow and seen their faith strengthened, and had mine strengthened by them.

            Moving to a new area is also an exciting time new people new challenges, and more of Africa for me to see, despite being a very poor country in areas, this is still a beautiful place, and I look forward to seeing more of it. I will tell you next week where my new area is.

 On Monday I didn't get the surgery because our medical adviser said they were just messing me around and she would make an appointment with a lady who could do it in her office, but the lady she made an appointment with,  was the lady she sent me to last time, and she didn't wear gloves or inject my toe, so I said I would not get it done I don’t want to risk infection so I  will have to get it sorted out when I get home next year, unless I find a  Dr in my new area who might do it under more sterile conditions.

 The rest of this week has been good. I sent a pic of me with a guy in a red top that is Thabo Mashishi he is the guy who is being baptized end of this month, he is making good progress. I won’t be here to see him baptized because on Tuesday I’m being transferred.
Also I sent lots of other pictures, they are families in this branch. I kind of lost track of time so can’t write much or will go overtime.

 I love you guys, keep up the good work.

Love Elder Turney xxxxx

Monday, 10 March 2014

Surgery Day

Hey guys

So this week has been pretty good only taught 13 lessons, but all round it’s been a good week. Monday was good, we went to a place called Spur, and it’s just like the Harvester in England. But on Mondays they have a buy one burger get another free, which is an awesome deal. But this week I got a t bone steak, it was really nice but nothing compared to the steaks back home. But it was pretty nice
Tuesday until Sunday was the same as usual. On Tuesday I went on an exchange with elder Sipiri, he came to my area and Elder Kolditz went to his, we only had the one lesson with Thabo Mashishi. He was confused at some of the stuff taught in the previous Sunday’s lesson, so we helped him to understand it.

We have done a little bit of trackting and it has been quite successful, we found people who were taught by the missionaries 20 years ago. Which is crazy and in the past we have found people who have been members for 8 years and haven’t had a visit from anybody since they went less active 8 years ago. Which is really crazy?

Abraham who is our recent convert is making good progress; he is starting to remember stuff which is really good. Also something new is me and Elder Kolditz are teaching mission prep class at church every Friday. It’s really good because we just teach them about what we do every day :)

 It brings back the good memories of me preparing for a mission. I’m loving mission at the moment and what helps keep me going is your weekly emails :)

Off to see the Dr this afternoon hopefully have the surgery and get my foot sorted out once and for all.

Look forward to hearing from you all don’t forget the missionary snail mail we love our emails but love letters also, hint, hint J

Love you guys, take care 

Love Elder Turney xxxx