Thursday, 5 June 2014

10 Months down already time is flying by

Hi Guys so this week has been pretty good.

Today was pretty cool we went ice skating which was really fun, i have not been in over a year so it was fun to get back on the ice. We then has Linda and Masana that evening. we had our ward mission leader come with is to that visit.
Tuesday  was really good we had a referral from our recent convert Kabelo so we went and visited her with Kabelo. she is a very nice girl. Her name is Elizabeth and she seems really interested in the gospel. Later that day we had Eloise, who is our investigator on date for June 8th she is doing really good, she is progressing really well.
Wednesday we were on an exchange with Weltervreden I was with Elder Nherera. Firstly we had singing at abbey cross the elderly persons home. that was nice. afterwards we did the exchange. We then saw Elizabeth again, we taught the whole of the restoration. We then visited with Kabelo and he taught us all of the restoration. it was good. We then went and visited Eloise again we taught about priesthood and auxiliaries. We then exchanged back and my companion got a puncture so we had to go back to the flat cause we had no more patches.
Thursday was weekly planning so thats always fun. We then went and saw Noel our recent convert. We started teaching lesson 1. We then went and visited Silvia, and there were like 12 other kids there. We taught them how to pray. we then went and did some finding at a garage. It was quite productive. we then went and visited with the Brentot's. We spoke about faith.
Friday was district meeting. There always fun. After district meeting we went out for lunch at Romans. Afterwards we saw the lowes and spoke about prayer followed by the Maredis and we spoke about obeying and honouring the law.
Saturday was good we saw linda and masana and we set a baptismal date for June 29th for them. We also saw eloise again and spoke about service. We then saw the shoko's and we spoke about charity. We then went and saw Rob and Bev and spoke about baptism.
Sunday was good, church was good afterwards we went to a members house for there sons birthday party. afterwards we went to rob and bev's again for dinner.
This week has been good, its the last week of transfers so me or Elder Reed will be leaving here next Tuesday which is sad I have had fun serving with him. I love you guys take care. Thanks for all your support and emails
Love Elder Turney xx 

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