Thursday, 29 May 2014

New Look for us Missionaries

Hey guys,

The two little girls in the pictures are the ones responsible for our new look, the really enjoyd themselves.
So this week has been an ok week not much special gone on this week. 
Monday was really good we got to go, go karting which was really awesome, it was fun going fast and just letting go. In the evening both of our appointments fell through so we came back to the flat and cooked apple pie it was so delicious. 
Tuesday we met with  a new investigator and just introduced The Restoration and she seems really interested which is really awesome. We did some finding near our flat. We then meet with our Recent Convert also which was really good, he got a calling recently as the north riding male YSA rep so that should keep him busy. Then in the evening we went and visited Sister Van Vliet to follow up on the 40 day fast which our ward finished recently. It was good to be able to meet with her cause we went with our ward mission leader so we could visit single sisters. We then had dinner with our ward mission leader and his wife. 
Wednesday In the morning around 11 we had singing at Abbey Cross the elderly peoples home owned by members, that was nice as always. We then went and did some service at Irena's the lady with the baby baboon, that was fun. We then did some more visiting with members with brother rob. We visited nday who gave us 4 names which is awesome. We then visited sister viviers and introduced the 10 day plan. 
Thursday was weekly planning day so 1-2 hours talking about how we can improve the area and ward. we then went and visited Lara a girl in our ward but lives 5 minutes from another ward and being a student has been going to that one and not ours, so we are trying to help her have that desire to drive and come to her own ward, it’s tough. We then met with our recent convert Kabelo again. We then visited the Pearls and spoke about the 10 day plan with them. We then saw the Linton's and the same thing the 10 day plan. Our last appointment was with the Muvavarirwa's and it was the same thing the 10 day plan. 
Friday: I was on an exchange with one of the zone leaders. We had district meeting, followed by Chinese for lunch. We then saw noel our recent convert who has been in Cape Town for the last 2 weeks. We spoke about the law of chastity. We then went and saw sister Maredis and spoke about missionary work. We then went to the Marais and spoke about the 40 day fast and 10 day plan and we got a couple of names. We then went to Daniel McKnight's home coming, he returned from the Birmingham England mission so it was good to see him
Unfortunately I'm out of time but the rest of the week was good. Sunday was stake conference which I really enjoyed. 
Love you guys. 
Elder Turney xxxx  

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