Monday, 19 May 2014

Another fun Week in Africa

Hi Guys,

So this week has actually been a really good week for us. Our investigator Eloise is making great progress. She in on date for June 8th which she will make for sure. ON Wednesday we received 2 referrals from Cosmo City, we have called both of them and have return appointments. We actually met with one of them yesterday.

Their names are Mary and Wesley they are on their 2nd year of bible school, so they are very good with the bible especially Wesley. So we get in there and we start talking about the Bible and things that went on in the bible. Then we introduce the Book of Mormon. And it seems to really interest them.

Also our investigator Rob lives in the same complex as them and he gave them a triple combination which was really awesome, then they met missionaries, how much more prepared could they be.

It just builds upon my testimony of the lord is preparing people to hear the gospel. Also they can’t wait to learn more, there excited to see where this goes and so are we. It really is awesome.

Hopefully i will be here to see the progress. We also went on a couple of exchanges also which is always cool. The first was with Elder Wilkerson from Missouri which is a change from Utah :) The next was with Elder Asay from Orem Utah. Both are very cool missionaries. We also got to do some service for a lady called Tracey from South London which is really cool, she still has her accent even after being in SA for the past 10 years. She has lots of parrots, we went over there and we shared something about our church. She is a very nice lady but she is very spiritual, which is pretty cool. She then showed us all of the birds, a lot of them love to dance if you sing to them, so I will have to try and get a video of one dancing the next time we go over for you guys to see how funny it is. We then got to clean the floor of the cages which was ok.

I love doing service and here in Africa you have so many services you can do which is really awesome. This week has been really cool, I really loved it.

I really love my mission and encourage anyone thinking about going on one, don't hesitate, talk to bishop and get the ball rolling. you won’t regret it I promise.

 I love you guys, till next week. 

Elder Turney 

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