Monday, 5 May 2014

Me and The Monkey

Hey guys,
So this week has been really good we had some cool experiences. On Tuesday we were doing some finding and came across a lady. We introduced ourselves and started to talk to her, we asked her what church she went to, said she doesn't go to church cause she does need to. She said god is all around, which is true.
We then asked if we could come and share a message with her, and she said no, we then got into a conversation and we found out she owns an animal sanctuary, so we asked if we could come and do some service for her and she said we could, so we agreed to go back the next day.
We got there and she gets us to unload a butt load of lettuce from the back of a Mitsubishi truck. So it took us like 2 hours, there was so much of it, but it was nice to help her.
After doing that she showed us all her pets she has in the house and we saw snakes, tortoise, bearded dragons, but the best part is she brought out a baby Baboon it was so cool, I saw baboons in the wild but they were big, but this one was so small. So each Wednesday we are going to go and see it and maybe when it trusts us we can hold it, that would be really awesome.
We then hope we will get the lady to trust us and we might get to teach her one way or another.
Also in a couple of week we will be going to a game reserve with a member so I will get lots of pictures with animals hopefully.
This area I'm in is really nice, I love the people here, I love my mission, I would not change it for 1 million pounds. 
I love you guys 
Elder Turney 

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