Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Coming up to Nine Months where has the time gone

Hey guys,

This week has been a tough week with not really meeting much with investigators, but more with members, but our hope is that with all this member work then we can get referrals, well that is the hope.

So  this week had been ok we have been able to do some service for the members so hopefully that will also bring referrals and help us to build the relationship with the members. funny story this week we were at a members doing some service which was cleaning her windows and she has this weird contraption and we ask her what it does, she jumps on, straps her feet in and flips all that way back round till she was hanging upside down, which was so funny to see this 70 year old lady hanging upside down, obviously me and my companion decide to jump on and have a go and it was so funny, it felt so weird at first.

It’s a lot like faith, we had to have faith in this machine that when we flipped back we would not get hurt and in the gospel we have to have faith in heavenly fathers plan for us that we can return to live with him again.

Transfers is tomorrow, but thankfully both me and my companion are staying together for another transfer, we really hope to get this area where it needs to be because at the moment it’s kind of struggling but we are trying our hardest to get it back on track.

On Friday we were able to have a nice evening and meal with Rob and Bev 2 of our investigators and also a less active member friend cause Elder Ryan is leaving, he used to teach them, so they wanted to put an evening on for him, it was nice to spend time with investigators and other missionaries. Those are the memories you make and keep on mission :)

 I'm really loving  the mission, it’s going way to quick though, I’m coming up to 9 months out now which is so crazy, it feels like I just got here yesterday, it’s scary how quick time is going. 

By the way for those of you who were wondering I did finish the burger in last weeks pictures but not in one sitting it was lunch, dinner and breakfast but it was huge and very tasty.
Love you guys

Elder Turney 

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