Monday, 7 April 2014

Another great week and got to work with Elder Ryan

Hello Guys,
 So this week has been another great week. I’m really settling into my new area. Yesterday we were able to witness the baptism of Noel, the gentlemen who suffers from cerebral palsy. It was really great to see, next week we will have some pics of that for you. Church on Sunday was generally pretty good, we were able to teach the youth about missionary work and the importance of it.
Also a really powerful story this week.
 On Wednesday we were doing some finding along the street. we didn't have much success on the way up the road, but on the way down, coming towards us was a drunken guy holding his fists pointing them towards us. So we think here we go another drunken guy. We start talking to him, getting to know him; we give him a word of wisdom pamphlet, and tell him if he need us, to call us. The Lord works in mysterious ways, often the ones you don’t think will listen do and the ones you think will don’t. On Saturday we get a call from the guy saying I want to come to church. So we organize a lift for him, he also brings a friend too. They stayed for the whole of church and even the baptism, hardly any members stayed for the baptism so it was great that they did. Now they may have stayed just because we were there lift but that’s beside the point. They got to witness someone getting baptized. We never know how or when the spirit will touch someone. Also they said they loved church. 
On Wednesdays we get to go to abbey cross an elderly persons home owned by members of our ward. I love doing that but working in a care home for a little while, the way they take care of the people here is disgusting, it makes me sick, but it’s a nice home filled with lots of lovely old people
On Thursday we did and exchange with the zone leaders and I was able to spend the day with Elder Ryan, also from England so that was a blast, in the morning we had a Fong Kong English breakfast, we had beans, eggs, toast but it was nice. It was also a blast spending the day with him; we had to much fun :) He is a really nice guy.
One of our recent converts was praying for a long time that he could get a job and he did just recently, but it’s on a Sunday, and the sad thing is he has taken the job, it’s a real shame, but when you are doing the greatest work, the greatest opposition comes. SATAN is real guys don’t ever forget that. 
Love you guys, keep up the great work

Elder Turney 

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