Monday, 31 March 2014

New Companion Elder Reed

Hey guys,
            So this has been my first full week in my new area, I’m loving the new area it’s a really nice area the people are lovely. I’m getting used to living in a town.
 On Thursday we got drenched cycling back to our flat, my shoes were like swimming pools it was crazy, but it was fun it felt like I was home :)
The investigators we have here are great. We have 2 named Linda and Masana, they are a married couple, they love hearing about the gospel, and love asking questions.
We had a fun experience this week, we were in a teaching appointment with a guy named Noel, he has cerebral palsy, he lives at an old peoples home, and a member of our ward has her mother there and she was with us in the lesson. There was another elderly lady there, we opened with a prayer. We started talking about prophets and one of the ladies says out of the blue "my dad’s name is Fredrick Henry Clark" me and my companion didn't think anything of it, then we continued and she said it again and added my dad is from England, we sort of laughed, but we continued with the lesson. Then again she said " my dad’s name is Fredrick Henry Clark" me and my comp couldn't help but laugh, she was a sweet old lady and I think she was just lonely and wanted to join in but it was so random. We found it difficult to carry on with the lesson, because the more we spoke the more she said. We had to close in the end hopefully next time will be better
 It was so funny experience, ha, ha, that is just one of the great memories we will make here.
Little things like that just help you get through the week sometimes.
Getting on great with my new companion Elder Reed from Tasmania the picture above is of the two of us.
Mother’s Day this weekend but did not get to speak to mum as we have decided to do it on the American mother’s day as it splits the time up between the Christmas contact and mother’s day so I am excited for Sunday 11th May when I get to speak to the Family
I love you guys, continue to be missionaries. 
Miss you guys 
Elder Turney x 

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