Monday, 17 March 2014

No Surgery but more Pictures

Hello guys

Not got a lot of time today I will find out tomorrow where I am moving to, it’s always mixed feeling when your leaving one area and moving to a new, sad to leave because you have met and worked with some wonderful people and also built up some great friendships, I have watched peoples testimony’s grow and seen their faith strengthened, and had mine strengthened by them.

            Moving to a new area is also an exciting time new people new challenges, and more of Africa for me to see, despite being a very poor country in areas, this is still a beautiful place, and I look forward to seeing more of it. I will tell you next week where my new area is.

 On Monday I didn't get the surgery because our medical adviser said they were just messing me around and she would make an appointment with a lady who could do it in her office, but the lady she made an appointment with,  was the lady she sent me to last time, and she didn't wear gloves or inject my toe, so I said I would not get it done I don’t want to risk infection so I  will have to get it sorted out when I get home next year, unless I find a  Dr in my new area who might do it under more sterile conditions.

 The rest of this week has been good. I sent a pic of me with a guy in a red top that is Thabo Mashishi he is the guy who is being baptized end of this month, he is making good progress. I won’t be here to see him baptized because on Tuesday I’m being transferred.
Also I sent lots of other pictures, they are families in this branch. I kind of lost track of time so can’t write much or will go overtime.

 I love you guys, keep up the good work.

Love Elder Turney xxxxx

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  1. cannot believe they didn't do the Surgery!!..........i think that really needs doing (properly).......Great about your move. As you said there's both sides to look at ref as move.........but whatever and whoever you are leaving behind.......something new and fresh lies ahead....... so glad you have a positive approach to this.......Cant wait to here where you are and who you are with.......... :)