Monday, 24 March 2014

New Area, New Companion

Hey guys,
So like I said in my last blog, I have been transferred. I am now in North Riding, it’s a really nice town. It’s right next to Fourways which is one of the richest places to live in SA.  So our Flat is really nice, I have a shower instead of a bath for the first time on my mission so it’s really nice to wake up, work out then Shower instead of having to wait for a bath to fill up.
 My new companion is Elder Reed he is from Tasmania Australia; he is a really cool guy. A lot has changed this transfer. I'm serving in my first Town which is really nice, me and my companion lift weights in the morning, so I'm getting very soar but its nice cause I'm getting bigger :)
The ward here is really nice, the members are really nice, the Tuesday I got here we had a dinner appointment with the ward mission leader, his wife fed us really nice food, and then we had a meeting after with the husband.
 Then on Wednesday a member nearly took us out to mikes kitchen, which is apparently a really expensive restaurant here, but she got ill, so she said she will do it another day when she is feeling better. We are very blessed here.
 I love this new area and companionship, the only down side is we bike 7 days a week, we don’t get a car ever, but its ok I like biking, it keeps you in shape :)
The people here are really nice; they take care of the missionaries really well. Today after shopping we are going to a member house and I am cooking for them, for a change.
 They have a really nice house, compared to some I Have seen in my other areas, there really is a big difference between the rich and poor, the family have lots of reptiles, they have a pool, a trampoline and lots of other cool stuff so that should be a fun p day today.
 Also in this area we have a go karting place so really looking forward to it, also an ice rink so looking forward to doing them on other p days :)
The pictures above are family's from my last area, hopefully will have some new ones for next week
 I love you guys, keep up the great work, keep looking and praying for those missionary experiences

Love you all 

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