Monday, 3 March 2014

As Promised Baptism Pictures

Hi Guys

So this week has been another slow week, we are working hard but not getting the people at the minute but I know it is just Satan trying to stop us, but we keep going and hope that things turn around again soon. That’s the difficulty with the work one minute you’re on a high with lots of people to teach and baptisms, then it just seems to hit a brick wall, with all the riots etc that have been going on its not helped
We have had some appointments. so I think I said this but the guy we were teaching a little while ago called Tony he is back and were teaching him again. He kind of lost his testimony of the gospel so we are trying to help him bring it back which is nice because he loved the gospel before. :)

Also we are still teaching Thabo Mashishi and he is making a lot of progress which is good, he will be a very powerful member. He could become a Bishop one day.

So although this was a slow week compared to some of our other, we are still doing a lot of work with trackting but  it we will get better. 

Some other news, so before my mission I had a problem with my ingrown toe nail on my left big toe. I knew I would be walking a lot so before mission I got it sorted out so it wouldn't cause me any trouble on my mission. Then about a month on my mission the same problem came back.

I went to a doctor in a place called Kempton park. I got there and she didn't even inject it to take the toe nail out she just sprayed it with something but that didn't make a difference, because I felt it a lot and it was not pain free :) . So I thought that would be the end of my toe problem, but I was horribly wrong. About 2-3 months ago it came back and it was both sides of my big left toe. So it became too much so I asked Sister Omer our mission president’s wife who is our medical advisor so make me an appointment at the doctors so I could get this taken care of so it won’t hopefully come back.
So on Thursday I had an appointment with Doctor Brunke at Flora clinic across from the mission home. I won’t go into any detail but what they want to  do will make it permanent for sure so it won’t come back. So he made me an appointment to see another doctor for Friday. I went there and he wanted to do an x-ray on my toe to make sure nothing is wrong with the bone and thankfully there is not.
So Next Monday the 10th I have an appointment with a doctor at the same place and hopefully it will be taken care of then. So what he will hopefully do then is I'm going to be knocked out and they are going to do surgery on my toe. So that should be a fun experience.
I have never had surgery, so  hopefully it will all go ok. Hopefully I will recover quickly.

If you could keep me in your prayers next Monday the 10th that it  will all go ok that would be much appreciated guys.
So we have been out of the area a couple of days this week.
We haven't had an  amazing experiences this week, but that not what the work is about its about sharing what we have with others and we sure are doing that.

 It has rained quite a lot this week and when it rains it  REALLY RAINS :) 

Love you all 

Elder Turney xxxx 

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  1. quite a lengthy you rightly said some weeks the work will be slow........and Satan wants to make a big deal out of it and cause discouragement......great to that you've recognised this, that helps to countermand it.......Im really glad too that the reoccurring Toe issue will be sorted once and for all........Our prayers and thoughts will be with you Jonny. Its a very straight forward operation the Surgeons who will be performing this will be seeing multiple patients like this every day.......You will be fine..... Never the less our Prayers will be extra vigilant and your name on our Temple prayer roll too.