Monday, 26 August 2013

First Companion

Date: August 26, 2013 

Area: Kwa-Thema 

Companion: Elder Lulama Mnamata

Hey mum

Yes I'm loving it  here, my companion is cool, he does look like the guy from cool runnings.

The area Kwa Thema is amazing the people are amazing and genuine. we share the car with the
Tskane Elders so we alternate each day so driving and biking. 

We live in a nice gated community in a flat is nice but nothing like home . 

I'm going to send a letter with memory card in this week. the people are very willing to listen and  very accepting. 

Were teaching loads of people at the moment. the members are so nice and my first Sunday was interesting. 

It was stake conference we decided to stay at the chapel and watch it with other members but the signal was rubbish.

hope that's Ok

Love you always mum. 

Love Elder Turney

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Welcome Letter & First Assignment

Date: August 20, 2013 
Area: Kwa-Thema 
Companion: Elder Lulama Mnamata

South Africa Johannesburg Mission
Private Bag X4
Ansfrere 1711
South Africa
Phone: 011 758 6650

20 August 2013

Dear Sister Julie Turney,

I am pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Jonathan A.P. Turney, has arrived in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission and he is doing wonderfully. We are delighted to have him serving with us in the Mission. Elder Turney will serve initially in the Kwa-Thema Area of the Benoni Zone. His companion and trainer is Elder Lulama Mnamata from South Africa.

Uplifting and supportive letters from home are important to missionaries. We encourage you to write or e-mail your son weekly. His email address for his mission is: In fact emails are preferred.

For Packages and Letters sent through Postal Service
Elder Jonathan A.P. Turney
South Africa Johannesburg Mission
Private Bag X4
Ansfrere 1711, South Africa

Packages should be labeled “Missionary Supplies” and be valued less than R300 in order to avoid high custom charges. Missionaries may also receive mail by fax to the Mission Office at 0027-11-758-6655. We put faxes into the post (mail) delivered to missionaries. For secure items please use Fedex or DHL and the physical address: 3 Phillips Avenue, Discovery 1709, South Africa.

We appreciate your support of your missionary and thank you for sharing him with the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. Attached you will find a picture that we took soon after his arrival.


S. Craig Omer, President
South Africa Johannesburg Mission

2nd Letter from MTC

Date: August 15, 2013

Area: MTC 

Companion: Elder Embleton

Hey mum 

Everything is going awesome I'm loving the time in the MTC . Would you believe it i got up at 5.40 on Friday to go jogging for 2.5 miles. it killed me mind you

We've had so many classes its overwhelming.  The square battery powered alarm clock you brought me is working. 

we play a game here called pirates dice. everyone has 5 dice and you roll your dice keeping them covered and you have to guess by looking at your dice how many dice there are of a certain number. its really fun.

The classes we've had have been on teaching and how to teach investigators. we went to the Temple on Tuesday. It's such a beautiful temple. 

I brought a scripture case for my small scriptures which had elephant skin on it and one the other side it has a map of Johannesburg but in elephant skin. We have sports every day and we played it yesterday and i scored 3 touch downs. 

There's not much to tell about life in the MTC. I'm getting used to the 6.30 start. its just filled with classes. we teach 2 investigators but played by the teachers and we got one to commit to baptism. 

I love it here, I leave MTC Tuesday, and get my first companion.

Hows everything at home hows the family, hows Puzzle and Jigsaw. before I forget have you put that money in and if so reply to this saying if you have or not, and also email Sister Reber with the answer as you may not get this till I'm gone off.

Cant wait to see you, 

Miss you loads
Love you mum xoxoxoxo

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Landed At Johannesburg Airport

Hey mum,

They have allowed us to email home for 30 mins. The plane ride was awesome, especially the take off as we went so fast, it was awesome, the plane ride was long and boring, I hardly got any sleep, we had quite a bit of turbulence, it was really bad at one point they let us out of  the seat belt, that was exciting. 

10 minutes into the flight they came round with a drink which was good cause I was thirsty. then about 1 hour into the flight they brought us round a hot mean which was OK, I had honey mustard chicken. then in the morning I had a full English breakfast which was only a sausage egg and bacon, it wasn't very nice.

 I was sat next to elder Riley, I tried to get Conner next to me but couldn't do it. then came the landing that was exciting, I wish I had a window seat cause it looked amazing from windows when I went to the toilet. 

Johannesburg is such a magnificent and beautiful country. the descending was a weird feeling. so we got off the plane and got a shuttle bus from aircraft to the terminal, we went through customs which was OK cause no problems. I was in the same cue as elder Stilgoe but quite a way back, then they opened a new line so we beat him through customs.

We then made our way to the conveyor belt and both my suitcases came through which I was really happy with, then we made our way to the part where I had to declare things, but didn't have to. 

We then made our way out to the arrivals where someone was holding our sign up, we got out name badges there which was cool, we then  made our way to the MTC which took 40 minutes, when we got there we got our rooms, but don't know who my comp is yet. we then had to do paper work and get injections. and now emailing you. 
  I love the mission and the country its poor but beautiful.

  will email you when I next can

  Miss you Mum


   Elder Turney xxxxxxxxxx