Monday, 12 May 2014

Excited to See the Family

Hey guys,
          A very exciting week this week as I got to Skype with the family, it was so good to see everyone even thought the signal was poor and we kept loosing it, it was still fun to hear everyone, my companion spent some time trying to say English sayings with his Australian accent it was quite funny. he also spoke some African and clicking language although the family did not have a clue what he was saying, I have not learnt very much yet but am hoping to at some point.

          So this has been a really great week. We have been meeting with a lot of great people. Wednesday was an awesome day we had the Elders from Alexandra with us because of elections they couldn't go into there area cause of rioting. so they came to our area. we had 2 of them go to the lowes to do some service for them, Elder Reed took Elder Riley and went to Irene's the lady who has the baby baboon and they did some service for her and i took Elder Delahoy and went to meet a new guy we came across outside of our complex. 

          So we get there to his complex and its a Golf Estate with a full 18 hole golf course, it has a gym, a swimming pool, everything you would ever want, his apartment it on one of the holes where you tee off. So we get into his place sit down start chatting to him. he tells us all about himself, he has been homeless, lost his mum at 12, lost a best friend, he has been through a lot, he then gets a job as a sales man and won best salesman in South Africa. he then left that company he was working for. he now owns his own business, he is supporting 4 YSA aged people at metric level and payed for there university fees, he is also supporting 4 kids in his home town in cape town to go to private schools. he is helping a lot of people, so we start teaching him we introduce ourselves and what we do as missionaries and then we talk about the restoration and introduce the book of Mormon and he says he will read and pray about it, he is a really powerful person and if we could get him baptized he could be an even more powerful member of the church. So we are seeing him this Friday which will be awesome, hopefully he will see the truth of our message.

           Also with having a car that day we could visit single sisters which was nice cause we could take a male member with us. i can really see this area is growing.

I'm loving being on  my mission, I love every moment. 

Thanks again for all your support, remember Missionaries Love real letters hint hint  :)

Love you  guys 

Elder Turney xxx 

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