Monday, 2 December 2013

Lightening Strikes

Hi Guys

So this week has been really busy, with lots of work getting done, and were doing a lot more trackting, and we are also doing a lot of work with the less active people trying to help them find their way back to the Gospel. I hope your all doing your part in your own wards

So on Sunday Michael who was baptized last week was confirmed this week, and then we had another baptism this Sunday a guy by the name of William, which was really good. He is a nice Guy.

We also put a couple of people on date for baptism. So the work is certainly moving forward and hearts are been softened, by the spirit.

On Thursday as its thanksgiving and we have 2 American Elders  in our district  we were going to go to spur and eat unlimited ribs and wings for R115 but they were really busy so we got 2 large triple decker pizzas and 2 large filla pizzas, 5 2L bottles of pop, 4 big bags of cheese curls and 4 dairy milk chocolate bars and just pigged out, it was really awesome.

Something really cool about this place is, it has the best lightning storms in the world, and it really does. Me and Elder Stephens nearly died, the lighting struck our car while we were standing right next to it, but luckily we didn't get hit. There is always some excitement out here but you have to see these storms to believe them we have never had lightening like this in England not sure why we get so much here not sure if its weather or location or both that play a part, but you would love it provided you don’t get struck by it.

So one of the people who we have on date for Baptism is Brother Abraham, we met him recently for the first time, he has no legs because of a car accident but he does not let it get him down. We met him on Wednesday and he said he wants to come to church and on Sunday he did, which was really cool, (because a lot of people say they will come and they don’t show up) and he loved it which is great, always worrying as a missionary when people come for the first time  because you never know how they will take it three hours of church is a lot for people to take at first.

We saw Brother Abraham after church on Sunday and we taught him about the restoration and that’s when we put him on date, another guy were seeing is a guy called tony, he seems like a really cool guy, we have taught him the  restoration and we put him on date for January 26th so hopefully he will make it.

I’m really enjoying mission life and am now realizing why I’m here and what my purpose is.

Thanks guys for all your emails,
I love you guys and I miss you,

Remember Missionaries Love REAL LETTERS so get mailing J

Love elder Turney

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