Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Week

Hi Guys

 I hope you have all had a nice Christmas.

This week has been tough with being away from home and everything; Christmas was hard without the family around. It’s been my hardest week so far

Monday was good we got to email home. We also got to go to Gladiator arena which is a full size basketball court, with nets and everything, and the bonus is it’s free.

Tuesday was a good day, we didn't get to teach many lessons but we did get invited over to Carletonville's branch president’s house. We played some cricket with his 2 sons so that was fun. Then we went into their house and ate  Christmas dinner, but it was nothing like a Christmas dinner at home, there was just meat and bread rolls. Where is the stuffing, spuds, veggies? Etc. but it was nice to spend time with them but it trunked me out :)

Tuesday night we all slept at Carletonville's flat which was fun.

On Wednesday we opened presents, and then we headed down to roodeport for the Christmas Missionary talent show. We then headed back home, we all skyped home (which was wonderful but at the same time very hard to see everyone) and just hung out so it was a good day :)

Thursday was a good day we hardly got any lessons but it was ok, we had a couple of good visits.

Friday we had zone meeting which was all about driving safe and trying harder to get more people to teach. Afterwards we went to snowy lane so that was fun there were around 20 missionaries there. Then one of the assistants came with us Elder Davidson, he is a cool missionary.

We had some good lessons. We taught one of our guys who is on date for January, we taught him the law of chastity, he doesn’t have any problems with any of it so that's was good we also saw the Monnela family and taught about trials, it was a good lesson.
Saturday was spent all day trackting and finding new people to teach. We also saw Abraham the man with no legs and we taught him about the word of wisdom and he doesn’t have any problems with it so that was really good.

Church on Sunday was good we got fed 2 times and we saw Tshidi and Vuo and their family, we watched the restoration dvd the long one, they loved it.

This week has been difficult with everyone being away for Christmas but we have tried to make the best of it, hopefully this next week will be better.

Thank you all so much for your emails. I love you all, hope you had a Merry Christmas and best wish to you all for the coming year. Remember keep the letter going to the missionaries we really do appreciate them

Love Elder Turney xxx

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