Monday, 9 December 2013

Senior Companion Scary thought putting me in charge

Hi Guys
Thanks so much again for all you emails.
This week had been really good with lots of work. We are doing lots of finding but also lots of Less active work, We have been working a lot with the Mata family who haven't been to church in 3 years and we found out this week why that is. They have read some anti-Mormon stuff on the internet, also when one of the girls was at college she was told that our church is devil worshipers I wonder where people get that from because  we worship God . So I don't know how we can worship devils. But either way we are trying to work with them because they have a lot of questions. The girl who heard we were devil worshipers came to church on Sunday which was a great start

Also we are working with the Chongoe family and they haven't been to church in 2 years, there reason is just laziness which is a fair excuse but the mother and her 2 sons also came to church on Sunday, the father got called into work on an emergency but hopefully he will be there this Sunday.

We are also working with the Lodriques and the father came to church on Sunday as well which is awesome, and we are hoping he is back for good.

We are working with a girl called Julia who Is less active and she was there on Sunday which was great the spirit really worked hard to get so many of our people to church this week,. Along with all of these positive stories there are also negatives and that’s less active families saying there coming back but not showing up, but were working with them, and we will keep trying.

So on Saturday we got the news that my companion Elder Stephens is being transferred which I was not happy about but the lord knows what he is doing and obviously he is needed somewhere else but my new companion is American also so that should be fun.

Also this week I saw someone get robbed at knife point as we were getting dropped off by a member who is a police officer and he just drives on like nothing is happening, which shows how corrupt the police force over here are.

With my companion going I am now going to be in charge of my first area, as this area has just been opened up by Elder Stephen’s and I so my companion knows nothing  about the area or people, I am excited but also a little scared at the same time. It should be good though.

We also came across this father led family on Saturday and they seem really interested in the gospel which is positive. I'm really loving the people here and don't want to leave but next transfer isn't till February 4th so I have a long time left. Thanks again guys for all your emails. Remember a missionary’s favourite thing is real mail.

 Love Elder Turney

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  1. ha! I love these pictures......they are Vintage JAPT.........the expressions and mannerisms just perfectly capture the boy inside this man....... Also great to hear of the progress and obvious trust that the Lord and Pres Omer have in you.......yep! you're right its a lil scary but you are up for it, i KNOW. Trust in yourself but listen & lean unto the Lord and he shall direct thy paths.........another exciting week coming up. Keep up that focus on the "lost sheep"....if they weren't taught properly in the 1st place you now have a chance to do it right for them this time.........reactivation is a key role for Full time Missionaries...i shall await great news as you keep working hard with these precious wandering sheep.........have a great week....Dave :)