Monday, 16 December 2013

Being in charge is not easy

Hey Guys
This week has been a good week. On Tuesday we went to Johannesburg and I got my new companion. His name is Elder Kolditz, he is from Indiana USA, and he seems like a cool guy. He talks a lot about Guns which is strange for me as I have never had anything to do with Guns and don’t know anything about them.

So this week we have been doing a lot of Less Active work which is good because they were a lot in greater khutsong where me and my companions work but then the branch moved down to khutsong 2's area and so about 120 people went less active so we are doing lots of work to try and bring them back..

We came across a guy names Simon who hadn't been to church in 8 years and when he went less active the missionaries stopped visiting. But he said he will be coming next week so hopefully he does, we also found a lady called Olge who comes when she can but work interferes and hasn't received a visit from the missionaries in 8 years also so we are visiting her regularly.

Also our investigators are looking promising, we have Abraham the man with no legs and also Tony who we see regularly, there both powerful, hopefully they will make it.

Me and my companion have come up with a new way or working here. Our area is split up into extensions, so we are going through the whole of our member list and putting it into extensions so one day we will work in extension 1 the next day in extension 3, so hopefully we will teach a lot more and find a lot more people, hopefully.

Hopefully next week I will have  more to write. We also have an investigator Sister Violet, she know the book of Mormon is true and our church is the only true church on the face of the earth but won’t leave her current church because she is comfortable there, but were working with her. Hopefully she will one day join our church.

We are also working with a less active Sister Christina, she wants her daughter to be baptized but hasn't come back to church to show here the example, so we are working with her to get her to come that she can set the right example for her daughter, it helps the children when their parents are doing as they should be.
So remember those of you who are parents out there set the example let your children see you living the Gospel

This week has been slightly stressful because I am running things I’m trying to guide my companion instead of me being guided by him.
But I’m relying on heavenly father and the Holy Ghost to help
We are off to do some shopping after emails then we are going to a member’s house to make some which is a African bread which will be great, I hope have a great  week everyone.

Remember writing to a missionary is not just for Christmas it’s for two years ha ha    :) :)

I love you and miss you all ,take care keep strong

Love Elder Turney

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