Monday, 25 November 2013

New Companion Elder Stephens and First Temple Visit

Hey guys

Once again thanks for all your emails they really help a lot and it’s nice to hear from you all, but don’t forget a Missionary’s favorite thing is actual mail, so find a missionary and write to them regularly it can get lonely out here on a mission especially in strange lands, even thought were busy we miss you all.

So this week has been really busy, because I and my new companion Elder Stephens are opening up a new area, there are lots of contacting and door knocking, but we have had lots of success.

We came across a man who lives in the township among the poor people, but he is stinking rich, he has just brought a mine for 80 million rand, but he helps everyone , he is very charitable, he will give people 1000 rand  without even asking why, he is a very nice guy

 We also went into a house where they have a church behind their house and we taught them and they seem very interested in what we have to teach so hopefully we will be able to teach them everything.
 And the 2 girls who stay there as soon as they heard we were from America and England, they went crazy and wanted our autographs, so that was interesting.

 We are doing a lot of less active work here which is good but everyone says yeah I will 100% be there Sunday but no one turns up : Like I said we are doing a lot of track ting but not much success.

This Friday gone (22 Nov) we got to go to the Johannesburg Temple and did a session which was a wonderful experience, we got to see the new film, it is such a beautiful temple on the outside and inside is also very beautiful. I really hope I get to go again sometime.

Also on Sunday we had a baptism and we have another one scheduled for next Sunday, so that's really good:

 The area I'm in is really nice and the people are really nice too, there is a lady called sister Motingoe's and whenever you turn up she will feed u which is so kind of her.

We are having a lot more DA's which I am really grateful for I did not expect the people here to do that for us and it is good, as it saves us money. Even though the people are so poor they are so generous and kind

Also there are a lot of branch missionaries so we always have someone with us.

I really love my mission and I love where I am serving,

 I now know why it’s called the best 2 years.

Love you Guys 
Elder Turney


  1. great to hear you ultra positive tones............ you are an example to us all to keep going even when all the odds seem impossible.........Thanks for being an inspiration. You'll do well in this area i can just feel it......... great that you were able to go to the Temple........i know how much you love it there.........Have a great week.........more pics next week? :)

  2. Hey it’s been a busy week here too........Great that you seem really settled in Khutsong already. Great too that the Baptisms are flowing but more so that you are getting out there meeting people and then most all that you can already see why RM’s say that this is the best Two Years……….Have a great week :)