Monday, 11 November 2013

Finally New Pictures

Hey Guys,
This week has been really good,
I'm going to change things up this week instead of writing a daily description and just say all the things we did and the people we taught.
So the week started and we went to a church owned farm and did 2 hours of service for the missionary couple there, it was really fun. After the service we had a Braai or a BBQ for u guys.
 It was really nice, after the Braai we had a Family Home Evening with the missionary couple and their 2 sons, it was really nice we all shared what we loved about President Monson.
After the Family Home Evening we did a 4km hike up the mountains behind their place. It was really nice and we came across a British fort, which is now taken over by Baboons.
At the top of the mountain we saw all of the Hartbeespoort Dam, it was so beautiful.
In last week’s email I mentioned that president had wrote to salt lake because the mission was becoming very dangerous so on Wednesday we had 2 guys from salt lake come and talk to us about safety in the mission field.
They went on to tell us what to do if we were caught in the middle of a kidnapping situation and also they said if you’re in the middle of a shooting and your companion gets shot you should just run, your safety is paramount. (That seems strange to me that you would want to leave someone behind) it was interesting to hear all that, not sure if we should be worried or not, but I know my Heavenly Father is watching over us all, so I won’t worry.
It was a really good conference. afterwards we went to shallow waters it’s a Chinese and sushi place but I didn't eat. After shallow waters we went to go pick up our car that had been fixed and get the sunny side 2's car which we had been using temporarily, serviced.
We had some really good lessons this week were teaching some really cool people. we’re continuing to see Willamina  whose is the lady with the little girl sat one the bed she is really nice. I'm going to really miss her. We are continuing to see Petunia a daughter of a lady in the ward who is on date for Baptism on December 8th, she is getting really excited and so are we.
We are continuing to see less actives and recent converts. All of  which are making good progress. On Sundays we have to get up at 6am cause we have ward council at 7am, it kills me but I enjoy it, the ward here is really nice and the people in Mabopane are really nice.
I get called Malungu a lot which means white boy.
I'm getting transferred tomorrow to a new area, which is exciting, I'm looking forward to a fresh start in a new area.
I'm really enjoying mission life,
I love the people here there so nice, and it’s a beautiful country.
Thanks guys for all your emails, they means a lot
If you could as a Christmas gift send a card with a letter in it that would mean the world we don’t get a lot of real mail as nearly everyone emails and we can’t print them off so, if you would like to do something for me or any other missionary you know please send letters
Love you guys 
Elder Turney 

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  1. So Malungu, I do like the new streamlined letter........ very informative and clear. What a week huh? Baboons and BBQ and Hartbeespoort Dam..........had a look on line, it does look beautiful. Also, all the teaching appointments a really full week. Must say your comments ref the safety advice seem just what id expect from you........ Trust in the Lord! Keep safe though huh? as aver your in our prayers........ Hope your new area will be as exciting and productive..........:)