Monday, 18 November 2013

TRANSFER WEEK NEW AREA NEW COMPANION finished my 12 weeks training

Hi guys,

This week I got transferred. J

I’m now in Khutsong with Elder Stephens from Utah, he is a really nice guy.

So this week’s letter will just be telling you about the area because this week has been hectic and not a lot of actual teaching done. So like I said I’m in khutsong with Elder Stephens. It’s a really nice area. It’s still classed as a township

We have a chapel here with 170 people attend each week but it’s only a branch and not a ward because nobody pays tithing which is interesting.

So they are only used to having 2 missionaries but they split this area which is why it’s been hectic now. So now they have 4 Elders covering this ward. The other 2 elders here are Elder Mnamata and Elder Kairu.

So they have the area near the chapel and we have the area called greater khutsong.

2 weeks ago they had to finish church early because people were being burned on the side of the streets near the Church, so bishop sent everyone home to protect them. So it was very dangerous but now it’s relatively safe, hopefully J

 So the people here in khutsong are really nice there are loads of branch missionaries so there is always someone to take with us when we’re teaching

We share a car with the other khutsong elders but neither of them drive, so me and Elder Stephen’s have the care everyday apart from Wednesday when the Carltonville Elders get the car.

My teacher brother Marman from the mtc came to our ward this week, which was really nice to see him.

Sorry this week has only been a short one but like I said we have been really busy and it has been very hectic with splitting the area so not much work been done but hopefully next week will be longer. 

Thanks guys for all your emails it really does means a lot, but what we missionaries really love are Letters. Hint hint J I really appreciate all your support. Have a great week till next time

Love you guys

Elder Turney

The Picture above with the guy is not my new companion he was a member from my last ward, hopefully mum should receive my memory card soon with more pictures on

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