Monday, 3 February 2014

Another Week of Riots but the work goes on

Hello Guys 

This week has been a good week. we have had some really good things happen. On Sunday we had one of our investigators. Thabo Mashishi who is the brother to a very less active member. 

Thabo got up and bore his testimony he said he knew the church is true. Last week we gave him a blessing to help him over come smoking, and he said that he hasn't touched it since we gave him the blessing. 

That was really powerful. Also his brother who is really less active, we saw him and his wife Saturday and he said when we saw him the other day when he was outside his house, that he isn't coming back to church till next year, and when we saw him Saturday we got the impression he is coming back very soon. he said the only thing he is doing wrong in life is not coming to church. everything else he is keeping to :) so we keep praying for him.

Also we have been out of our area due to some riots so some days we have missed being in the area but the days we were in the area were good :) 

On Sunday we had Abraham confirmed so that was nice to see. on Wednesday and Friday we had exchanges and i was in Carltonville, so it was a fun couple of days spent here. 

They rides bikes in Carltonville, and my bum was so saw from riding the bikes but it was a nice change from sitting in the car :) 

Sorry there has not being much to write this week as i told you, we have been out the area a few days this week due to riots and it's been very dangerous so we have not been able to get as much work done. 

The riots seem to have stopped for now so we are hoping this week will be more normal. 

Transfers are tomorrow but me and my companion are staying here, he is becoming the new district leader so that's fun. 

The church is true, without any doubt in my heart. I love you all 

Elder Turney xx

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