Monday, 17 February 2014

Slow Week but the work goes on

Hello guys,

This week has been OK, quite a slow week nothing exciting really happened, so not much to write this week.

A  Couple of things have happened.

 So on Wednesday we were walking to our next appointment and this guy called us into his house. We sat down and he said he knew about our church, about Joseph smith, about the gold plates and some other stuff. So we began teaching him and he seems like a really nice guy. He could become really powerful member, he seems keen to learn and of course we are always keen to teach people.
 Its a wonderful experience as a missionary when people call you over and what to know more about the church because you know they have a genuine interest in learning, we will see where this goes.

                We also have one of our investigators called Dudu, she is really doing well so much so that, we put her on date for baptism at the end of April. So hopefully she will make :)

Not much more has happened our lessons numbers have been quite low this week, we have been working really  hard but everyone seemed to be avoiding us so that's always fun :)

Such is the life of a Missionary it becomes part of the job of a missionary to have people avoid you we try not to let it get us down, if only they would stop and take the time to listen for a few minutes they would realize it could change there life’s for the better the way it has changed mine.

                I will make sure I write a big one next week cause we shouldn't have anything interrupt us. 

I love you guys; keep looking for missionary opportunity's :) 

Love Elder Turney xxxx  

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