Monday, 27 January 2014

The Dangers of Life In South Africa

Hello Guys,
This week has been another good one. Not so many lessons to teach but a lot of great things happened. I will share a couple.
On Tuesday we had a great lesson with a lady called Dudu, her daughter joined in and also a girl who lives round the corner from Dudu. We taught about 'The Restoration'. It was a really good lesson they asked lots of questions, about the restoration and why there were so many churches and about the Great Apostasy. So it was a really good lesson :)

About 3 we went back to the flat because i was feeling really really sick, so I went back and rested, but I'm all better now thankfully.

We have a new  investigator, he is the brother of Brother Mashishi who is the second Councillor in the elders quorum, but he hasn't been to church for many years. his name is Thabo.
He has been to church 2 times and he is accepting the gospel very well, as soon as we introduced the word of wisdom, it was good because he does not drink alcohol, he does not take drugs. He drank 6 cups of tea a day but has said he will change to Rooibos tea which we can drink, so that was good. Also he smokes and is willing to give that up too, we gave him a priesthood blessing to help him, so hopefully he will be able to stop very soon. 
This guy is powerful :) he has accepted to be baptized :)

We also have this new guy Johannes, we met him the other week he is a really powerful guy, we first came into contact with him when we were out tracting,  he also has a wife and child so hopefully we can encourage both of them to join in with the lesson. That guy will be a stake president one day :)

On Friday we couldn't go to the area. A little while ago the community burnt some members of a gang here and recently 8 of the people involved got arrested and there court case was Friday and the people from Khutsong protested at the court.  The court case was postponed till sometime this week. So the people went back to Khutsong and burnt tires, threw big huge ones in the road and the area was a riot so it was to dangerous for us to be in our area.
So we ended up spending the day in Carletonville and went with the elders here so it started off quite a scary day with everything going on in our area but we had a good day in the end. We just have to have faith that the LORD WILL PROTECT US  in situations like this.

Saturday was safe to go into the area thankfully. At 7 we had our last appointment with a guy named Isaac. We turned up and there was a birthday party going on, we were going to leave but the brother said no you have to come give a speech.
 So we go in stand there for about 20 minutes listening to people give speeches and sing songs. Then my companion Elder Kolditz was asked to give a speech and they all loved it they called him Trevor Noah :)

Afterwards they fed us, then the party started and there was girls who started to talk to us so we got out of there quick :)

Sunday we had 1 baptism and the other elders in khutsong had 5 so it was a full baptismal service. I will try to send pictures next week of the baptism :)

This week has been good.
We have had a lot of fun :)

I’m loving being here in south Africa
Love you Guys 

Elder Turney  

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