Monday, 13 January 2014

Busy Week helps the time pass

 Hi Guys,

As I anticipated in my last email, this week has been a lot better. with last week being so low in goals, the reason is because we spent the whole week trackting and finding new people to teach so we could have lots of lessons for the week just gone.

In total we taught 27 lessons, we have 10 new investigators and 7 member lessons. So the hard work that was from last week has paid off. I would like to share a couple of experiences my companion and I had this week.

On Wednesday we were doing some door knocking. We knocked on this one house and this guy who must be 25 came to the door and we introduced ourselves and said what we do, and asked if we could come back another time when he wasn't busy to share our message. He said that he wasn't busy right now and invited us in. we came inside and opened with a prayer.

We found out this guy knows a lot about our church from the television which was interesting. We taught the whole of lesson 1 and he had a lot of questions about our religion and he also asked what we do for the youth to keep them away from drugs and guns, so we explained about our youth program and the YSA program and he was really impressed. We have another appointment with him soon so hopefully we can teach him a lot more.

Another experience was after seeing him. We knocked on a few more doors, and came across a lady called Bonnie. She welcomed us in with open arms. We introduced what we do, then we shared the restoration but in 10 minutes instead of in 20-30 minutes. She seemed to also love our message and she wants us to come back and teach her. So we are seeing her soon, I will keep you all updated on their progress.

Also something the mission focuses on here in Johannesburg is father led families and we have come across a few this week. One Is a man named Isaac, he has 1 son and his wife, we went and shared the restoration and he seems really interested in what we have to share, we are seeing him and his family on Tuesday so I will also keep you guys updated.

We have 2 baptisms on the 26th and they were both interviewed and they both passed. We have just one issue, the 2 guys being baptized are Tony and Abraham, Abraham is the one we have the issue with, he has no legs so  we are still trying to think of a way to baptism him, we haven't any idea of how we can, but when there is a will there is a way.

Thank you again for all your emails, they really help a lot and I’m feeling all of your love.

They were right mission is the best 2 years of your life, I have grown so much and its only been 5 months, I still have 19 months left so I’m looking forward to the different me at the end of these 2 amazing years.

 Heavenly father loves each of us and don't ever forget that.

Love Elder Turney

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  1. the great thing for us is to see the "different you" every week.............The progress you have made is incredible!.........but i feel it each week, you seem more confident and dedicated and really excited about the work..... and in with all that your personal Testimony has grown and been strengthened SOOOOOO! much :)