Monday, 20 January 2014

Branch Confrence

Hi guys,

This week has been another good week filled with lots of lessons. We had 2 people due to get baptized this month and then we found out that one was moving to cape town so we had to move it to this Sunday so that he could be confirmed next Sunday but he told us yesterday when he was meant to get baptized that he was leaving tomorrow so we could not baptism him, so the elders in cape town will get to baptism him.

So that was sad that he was leaving, but we taught him the Gospel that’s what counts .We are teaching some really cool new investigators but the problem with them all is trying to get them to  church cause of the transport. So it’s quite easy to invite them to come to church, but its another thing trying to get them there, when they live quite far away.

But we are trying to get them to see the importance of coming to church. On Sunday we had the stake president come for Branch Conference it was really good to hear their words of council. There were some stats shared. 

Roodeport stake 
Average Registered members of a Ward 200+-
Average attendance of member in a Ward 100+-
Khutsong Branch 
Registered members 540 
Average Sunday attendance 167 
As you can see from these stats we exceed the average for the stake, we have more than enough people for it to become a ward, but hardly anyone pays tithing and that’s what is holding us back, I know people are poor here but tithing is a tenth of what we have if we only have a very small amount coming in then we only pay a small amount going out, so I have not figured out yet why no one pays is it just they don’t want to, or  can’t or maybe they don’t understand the principle I just don’t know ( I hope by the time I leave to come home the branch will have  become a Ward, that would be really nice.

 I could stay here in this branch my whole mission. I love the members and families here. They are so nice to the missionaries and they treat you so well. We didn’t have anyone to feed us yesterday so we went to our area and parked our car to go teach lessons. Then one of the member realized we hadn't been fed so she fed us eggs and bread. It was so nice of her, even when they don’t have much they are always willing to share, we felt so blessed.

The people here treat the missionaries so well, they love us, and we love them :)

We are finding great success here in South Africa, people are beginning to accept what we have to say which is really nice.

Extract from Jonathans Best friend Elder Stapley
This past week in Johannesburg has been very violent. I cannot describe the feelings of constantly, everyday seeing these people murder, kill, and plunder each other. Especially these people who I serve every day and love as if I have known them forever. I get a slight taste for what the prophet Mormon felt in the Book of Mormon. To see a civilization become so drowned in wickedness then destroy themselves and be destroyed by another civilization.
What is scary is this place is right on track. The sin and wickedness here is horrible the conditions here make me some nights cry when going to bed as I feel so much empathy for the African people, yet witness them kill their neighbors. I went to 5 funerals this week for people. 2 people in my ward and 3 in the other ward, who share the chapel with us.
It's beyond heart-breaking
We are all blessed to live in such a wonderful country where we are safe.
As here where it seems is every man vs every man.

This is the reality of life here in South Africa, We are here to teach people the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we are faced with many challenge many things we would never face in our own countries. Mission life is not meant to be easy but I know it will be worth it.

Thanks guys for all your emails, they really help.

I love you all, take care 

Elder Turney

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  1. Life teaches some hard lessons sometimes and a Mission is no exception. Some of life's harshest realities can hit right between the eyes, .........but as beautifully written, as only a Missionary can "Mission life is not meant to be easy but I know it will be worth it." You are doing a great Job and will be so richly rewarded now and every waking day of your future...........TEACH TITHING!!!!!! make an impact on the Khutsong Branch and you will be the reason why it becomes a Ward! :)