Monday, 2 September 2013

First Baptism

Date: September 02, 2013

Area: Kwa-Thema 

Companion: Elder Lulama Mnamata

Hi Everyone,

It's great to have all your emails, I've started to do a mass email to save time because I don't have time to write t you all individually each week as I have to write to President and My mum, so I will be sending her an email each week and she will pass it on to you all.

Monday was an awesome day got to email, then go shopping to buy food. then we got to play sports with loads of missionary's. after the sports out district went to the Mumbundas. there a member family who normally cook a feast but this week we missionary's cooked.

On Tuesday we had our interview with president Omar, following the interviews, we went to our areas to do work. We had a Dinner Appointment.

On Wednesday we did splits with the zone leaders and I spent my day with Elder Ronsley from England. he is a cool guy and we taught some cool people. 

We had a Dinner Appointment and I tried dry pap with sour milk on and I couldn't  eat it so thankfully Elder Ronsley switched with me he had normal milk, I found out later that he was gagging all the way through. 

On Thursday we had more lessons we taught Palesa, Thabiso, Karabo  and had a Dinner Appointment at sister Zulus who cooked us a feast I Love sister Zulu. 

On Friday we only taught a few people. so it was boring but we soldiered on. 

On Saturday we spent till 4pm fixing a puncture, it was a bit of a rubbish day didn't teach many people. 

Sunday was awesome had my first baptism which was cool her name was Karabo. 

Today for p day were having a braai ( South African BBQ ) and sports then to Mumbundas. 

Thanks again guys for email and I am sending a memory card with pics home,

which mum will put up for You all  to see.

Take care guys

Love Elder Turney 

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