Monday, 26 August 2013

First Companion

Date: August 26, 2013 

Area: Kwa-Thema 

Companion: Elder Lulama Mnamata

Hey mum

Yes I'm loving it  here, my companion is cool, he does look like the guy from cool runnings.

The area Kwa Thema is amazing the people are amazing and genuine. we share the car with the
Tskane Elders so we alternate each day so driving and biking. 

We live in a nice gated community in a flat is nice but nothing like home . 

I'm going to send a letter with memory card in this week. the people are very willing to listen and  very accepting. 

Were teaching loads of people at the moment. the members are so nice and my first Sunday was interesting. 

It was stake conference we decided to stay at the chapel and watch it with other members but the signal was rubbish.

hope that's Ok

Love you always mum. 

Love Elder Turney

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