Tuesday, 20 August 2013

2nd Letter from MTC

Date: August 15, 2013

Area: MTC 

Companion: Elder Embleton

Hey mum 

Everything is going awesome I'm loving the time in the MTC . Would you believe it i got up at 5.40 on Friday to go jogging for 2.5 miles. it killed me mind you

We've had so many classes its overwhelming.  The square battery powered alarm clock you brought me is working. 

we play a game here called pirates dice. everyone has 5 dice and you roll your dice keeping them covered and you have to guess by looking at your dice how many dice there are of a certain number. its really fun.

The classes we've had have been on teaching and how to teach investigators. we went to the Temple on Tuesday. It's such a beautiful temple. 

I brought a scripture case for my small scriptures which had elephant skin on it and one the other side it has a map of Johannesburg but in elephant skin. We have sports every day and we played it yesterday and i scored 3 touch downs. 

There's not much to tell about life in the MTC. I'm getting used to the 6.30 start. its just filled with classes. we teach 2 investigators but played by the teachers and we got one to commit to baptism. 

I love it here, I leave MTC Tuesday, and get my first companion.

Hows everything at home hows the family, hows Puzzle and Jigsaw. before I forget have you put that money in and if so reply to this saying if you have or not, and also email Sister Reber with the answer as you may not get this till I'm gone off.

Cant wait to see you, 

Miss you loads
Love you mum xoxoxoxo

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