Monday, 23 September 2013

Another Baptism

Date: September 23, 2013 

Area: Mabopane 

Companion: Elder K McKim

€‹Hey guys 

This week has been really good, I'm getting used to the people and the culture change. Some things about my area, Taxis honk there horn when driving to pick up fares and just stop wherever they want and put on there hazards so that's really annoying.

Our chapel is write near a ZCC ( Zion's Christ Church) chapel, which is interesting. The area is huge and we walk one day and drive the next. I've been driving loads which I love, its a automatic which I dislike very much but am grateful we get a car. 

My companion is really nice he is from Australia. so last Monday we  went and spent 3 hours at a mall, which was boring. I wanted to play sports and my zone leader didn't we did an exchange. we then went and played sports, we played football which was nice, I enjoyed it. after sports we went shopping, its crazy everything is so expensive then I remember the exchange rate is like R15 to 1 pound so I just remember that. 

So throughout the week we have bee teaching some good lessons. there this one family, the mum is called Dineo and the dad is called Daniel they have 4 kids. 

So we go tracking on some street and come across her brother standing in there door way, we introduce ourself and he welcomes us in and we start teaching him, then Dineo walks in and says "guys its been so long". me and Elder McKim look at each other puzzled, she says "do you not remember me" and were like "no", she says "2 years ago you guys painted my house", were like "were pretty new to the area" she is like "ah OK, well I haven't seen missionaries for 2 years" so we start teaching her, then after a couple of lessons her kids join and  we leave them all a book of Mormon and come back 2 days later and there all there reading them so obviously little kids they have tones of questions, there a sweet family I think they will all join the church and become a powerful family.

 There is this other lady called Wilhamina, she's about 70 years old, she has a strong faith of Jesus Christ and knows he is true, she is not a member and we have only started teaching her a week ago but everything she says is doctrinally correct, she's a really kind lady but she is weak and suffers from a lot of pains, but she wants to come to church.

 This week has been really good, the food here is really nice, there is a thing called pap which I love, ask a friend who comes from South Africa and they will tell you what it is. also there sausages here are a lot nicer then the ones at home there like 10 times meatier then ones at home. 

I'm really enjoying the time spent here. 

I'm grateful for the short time I have to serve the lord. 

I'm grateful for all the emails you  guys are sending and the support you give me.

look forward  to hear from you all next week

Elder Turney 

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