Monday, 14 October 2013

Settling into Mission Life

Date: October 14, 2013 

Area: Mabopane 

Companion: Elder K McKim

Hi Everyone

This week has been really good.

Monday was a cool day we played sports emailed. one of the games we play is called ghost its kind of like tag,it'€™s really fun, after sports we went and did shopping, which I always love, after shopping we went to the flat, ate food and relaxed, then went to bed.

Tuesday we had a good day, it was Elder Mckims birthday, so we found a football pitch and played sports there :), with some investigators that was a fun, we played it at the old abandoned stadium I told you about last week. The rest of the day was busy with appointments etc.

Wednesday I was stuck in the flat, I was feeling sick and  exhausted and I needed to rest in       order that it  did not get worse, so  it was a long day of just sleeping and relaxing, but I         needed it, I'm fine now.

Thursday was a really productive day, firstly we saw a guy called Nicholas, I think I have told you about him, but he is a cool guy, he is preparing to go through the temple very soon, which is really good, oh  he's a convert, but  he is a really cool guy. Afterwards we saw a recent convert called Ghopolong, he just got confirmed a couple of weeks ago, he is a really good kid, he loves the gospel.

Then we went and saw a Sister Nelly, she is a convert of only a few months but she knows so much about the church, she has a son I think he's like 5 he's really funny and full of energy, after Nelly we saw a Sister Zianda and her husband Vucy,

I think I told you about them last week, she is a returned sister missionary, she served in Durban, but has been less active for like 5 years but I'm glad we found her and she is now coming back to the church and wants to sort her life out and go through the temple again to see the new film, and they fed us Romans pizza, which was really nice. So Thursday was a really good day and a productive day :)

Friday was an OK day, we had zone meeting, from 11-1, after we went to Romans pizza, I love Romans, we then went to our area, we street contacted and talked to several people some of which would listen some not, Later we met with a kid called Tlohi, he is also a convert, he just got the priesthood a few weeks ago, he's a sweet kid, he was our last appointment, we got picked up by Soshanguve elders, we went back to the flat, ate then went to bed.

Saturday was a slow day. Our first appointment was a girl called Regomoditse, we met her   street contacting, she seems really keen about the church and religion. After her we saw a guy called Solly he is going through some stuff, he feels like god isn't  there, but were going to   continue to visit him and teach him about the gospel, he just needs to continue to pray. After Solly we saw our crazy family, Dineo and her kids, we haven'€™t really taught a lesson yet, which I'm  getting really annoyed about, we kind of taught a lesson this week, the mood is never right or something is stopping us from teaching them. Satan is real, but were not giving up on them, because there a sweet family and the gospel will really help them, so yes Satan is not going to  win. They were our last, we went back to the flat, relaxed ate then went to bed.

Sunday was an ok day we had church and Dineos kids came which is awesome. the ward are   really nice, anyway we had church, then we had to walk the kids home, then we had a lunch       appointment, the food was really nice. Afterwards the Soshanguve elders called and elder Dalton wasn't  feeling to good, so we went back to the flat and watched some movies, it was boring.   Would rather be out teaching

I'm getting used to mission life, I'm also getting used to the food, I'm loving it here. 

Hope all is well


Elder Turney 

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