Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Week in the Life of Elder Turney

Date: October 21st, 2013 

Area: Mabopane 

Companion: Elder K McKim

Hey Guys 

This week was a good one.

First of all the weather is going crazy and the closer it gets to summer, the colder it gets. its raining and lightning like every other day as well. we had a really cool lightning storm the other day, we were in the flat and it was like BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM, repeatedly. it got to the point where every 1 or 2 seconds there was a lightning strike. it was really awesome, 

Monday was fun as always, got to email, followed by going to the mall for stuff. then after mall we went to the chapel to play sports. we played chair football, ghost in the graveyard and volleyball. and  played football.  after sports we went shopping for food which I always love.
Tuesday was a rubbish day we only got the one lesson in. it was with a girl called Nompendulo, she came to Church on Sunday, so we got her details, we went to find her house, we found the house she gave us the details to but, its was wrong.

The lady living there was looking for a church, she was lost in life so we said can we come and visit you and she was so happy to say yes,  we also committed her to church and she said yes and she would bring her 2 sons, her sister her mother and grandmother which is awesome. 

So mistakes don't happen for no reason, I have a testimony of that. eventually we found her right house, there was her, her mum and her brother and they all seemed interested in coming to church, which was awesome. 
we had other people to see but when we rang them they were busy. then we picked up Soshanguve elders and went to our Dinner Appointment. There's a family in Soshanguve branch who invited us for dinner to celebrate Elder Dalton's birthday, he is one of the Soshanguve elders. the dinner was really nice. I'm liking the food here, sort of.
Wednesday was a good day. Our first appointment was with Wilhamina, she is still quite ill, in a way I hope she goes soon, cause she is such a nice lady and the pains and weaknesses she is having she doesn't deserve to go through. 
We taught her about the 3 degrees of glory. after Wilhamina we saw a girl called Rafilway, she is a member she is 22, we normally teach her mum but her mum wasn't feeling too good today so we taught her instead. 
We taught her about faith. afterwards we went and saw our crazy family. we didn't teach them again, I'm
getting really annoyed with them now cause we haven't taught them a single lesson yet. 
After them we went and saw Ntombi, she is recent convert, we shared what we had studied that morning then watched a talk on repentance and baptism. Then we were picked up by Soshanguve Elders and went back to the flat and just chilled, then went to bed.
Thursday I was stuck in the flat with Elder Dalton cause he was feeling so Ill it was boring long day
Friday, Elder Dalton was ill again, but Elder McKim stayed with him today and me and Elder Rako went to our area. Our first was with a guy called Solly, a couple of weeks ago we helped him knock down a wall at his house and the new wall looks really good. we Taught him about the plan of salvation up until the spirit world. After Solly we taught a guy called Constar and I think it was his brother, we taught them about the atonement. then we saw the Ivon family and we taught them about temples and why we have them. After the Ivon family we taught KK and Saiter Gailee and taught them about tithing. afterwards we went back to the flat and went to bed
Saturday, Elder Dalton was ill again but Elder Rako stayed with him. So me and mckim went to the area. our first was with Wilhamina, she is up and walking which she struggled with before. we taught her about 2 Nephi 32:8-9. 
After Wilhamina we saw Monica, Vucy and Diana, Nompendulo's family. we introduced the book of Mormon to them and just shared with them about it. After wards we saw Patience, she was in this ward, then moved to a different ward but now is back. 
We put her on date for baptism on November 10th which is awesome. I cant wait that will be my third baptism in 2 months :D. then, Elder McKim needed to get some stuff on his iPod touch so we went to pick up the other elders, then went to McDonald's so he could get the stuff he needed, then went back to the flat and went to bed
Sunday was OK, it was raining a lot. a fair few people didn't come because of the weather. Our gospel principles teacher wasn't there so I had to teach and the lesson was on gospel principles. after church we had a lunch appointment but on the way we got stuck in mud and was there for about 30 minutes so that was fun. eventually we got out, the food was really nice. we then walked to our first appointment which was with Tlohi, we shared with him 2 nephi 32:8-9 about prayer. then Soshanguve  Elders called and said they were finished so they picked us up and took us to our last appointment, with Boipelo and his mum, we shared with them a scripture which we liked and I shared 2 nephi 32:8-9. then we went back to the flat, watched some films, then went to bed. 
Thanks guy for all your emails,

I really  appreciate the support. 
love you all 
Elder Turney  

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