Monday, 28 October 2013

A week in the Life of an LDS Missionary

Date: October 28th 2013 

Area: Mabopane 

Companion: Elder K McKim

Hey guys,

This week has been good.
Monday was good as always we got to email which I love. After emailing we went to the mall,
followed by going to the chapel and played volleyball which I love.
Then we went food shopping and I got lots of food.

Tuesday we went on exchanges. I was with elder Rako in Soshanguve.
Our first was with a guy called Charles who hears voices so that’s interesting. Afterwards we saw Norman who’s a member he owns a Truck Shop in Soshanguve. Afterwards we saw Brian whose also a member, he is a barber.
Wednesday was back to normal.
Our first was with Nicholas a member. Then we saw a lady called Ellen she is an investigator, she is really nice, very promising. After Ellen we then saw Regomoditsee, she is also an investigator.  Then we saw Patience she is an investigator also, she is on date for baptism on November 10th which is exciting I hope she makes it. 
Thursday is our Ga Rankuwa day, our first appointment was with ghopolong, he is recent convert, he is a cool kid. Then we planned to see nelly but she was still at work, so we tried a few more but none were home, so we went to our last which was with Zianda, Vusy and Komo. Zianda is the less active return sister missionary I was telling your about, she is now back at church, we just have to work on Vusy her husband.
Friday we were on splits with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Day here in Mabopane.
We had like 6 appointments but all but 1 cancelled so we went street contacting for the whole day and came across 15 new people, a few very contend able for baptism, we then rang the Soshanguve Elders to see when they are finished and found out that Elder Dalton had hit a hidden boulder and only cracked casing under car, and the cam belt snapped and we think the valves are bust also, so we don’t have a car for a while, but we now have Sunnyside 2’s car till ours is fixed. So we went a stayed at bishops house till the zone leaders picked us all up.

Saturday was meant to be our car day but we didn’t have it because Dalton broke it, so it was hot and long. Our first was with Lindy, which is one of the people we tracked into on Friday. Next we saw Regomoditsee, she is someone we tracked into. Then we saw Ntombi a recent convert of about 6 months I think, then we saw my favourite person here in mabopane, Wilhamina the elderly lady she is still hanging on.
Sunday was good; we had 5 investigators at church which was awesome. Church was good.
We had a lunch appointment at the relief society presidents, we also saw Boipelo and his mum., we saw sister Sesians daughter and put her on date for baptism on December 8th. 

Also some very exciting News I heard we have a General Authority coming to speak to us this week Elder Bednar which should be great I have never met a General Authority in person before

Sorry for the short day descriptions.
Love and Miss you All

Elder Turney

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